Programm 2015
01.08.2015 um 15:00 Uhr

La Sbrindola

Shock Em All
The Italian company  was born from the meeting and friendship of two amazing identities: Marco Macchione, drummer, and Leonardo Cristiani, juggler.

The show Shock Em All began to take shape in 2008 during a trip to Hungary. At that time, a critical point was the meeting with Fabrizio, the Gorilla: he immediately took the role of Deus-ex-machina. Guided by the ape's divine illumination, the performers meeting resulted in a fusion of their techniques: a frantic, incredible musical and
rhythmical research on the one hand; an extroverted, physical, bizarre juggling style on
the other.

The outcome is a high-energy show, a combination of circus skills accompanied by the rhythms of a drum kit, an unpredictable delirium with a great deal of involvement from the audience.